Excel Macro to Find and Replace in multiple sheet

Below are the two Sub-procedure which can be used to find and replace particular search term with replace value. So this macro will run on multiple sheet in same directory. In below code you have to make following changes according to your settings.

Pathname - I have mentioned the directory where all my sheet is present. This macro will run for all the sheet present in the directory you mention.

Filename  - If you notice I have give as "*csv". So I was using macro for CSV files in the particular directory. Change  the extension accordingly ex:xlsx or xls.

Search and Replacement - Use this to specify the search term and replace term.

Columns(3) - Here I am running this search and replace only for column C in the sheet.

Worksheets(1) - This means I am running the macro only in first sheet in the workbook.

How to run: To run this macro open a blank Excel Sheet and press 'ALT + F11'.
It will open Visual Basic editor. And right click on sheet -> Insert -> Module. Then…

Python Selenium click code

Using class name and JavaScript Method:

Using ID name and JavaScript Method:

Normal method:

Excel fill empty cell with above value

In some cases your sheet might have a column where the value is present only one time for a set of values. It happens when you export the report with group by option in SQL.

So we would like to have all our rows to have the corresponding value. Let's see how this can be done in Excel.

1. Select the column which you want to fill the empty cell with the value above. Only select the range which you want to fill. To select the range first click on the start cell and press F5. Then enter the last value, for example if the last value is in 500th row, then enter A500 and press SHIFT and OK.

2. Once the range of rows are selected, Click on Home -> Find & Select  ->  Go To Special. In Go To Special dialog box will appear, then check Blanks option.

3. Once you click OK the blank cells will be selected. On the blank cell enter the formula for above cell. For example: if value is in A3, enter A3 in the blank cell and press CTRL + ENTER.

Costliest phone from Samsung that you can buy in India

Every year Samsung showcase their new flagship phone. This year we have bezel less flagship phone Galaxy S8. Now it is available for sale from major retail and e-tail.

Galaxy S8 cost you ₹57,900, however the costliest phone from Samsung is it's Galaxy Note 7 with the price tag of ₹62,900. Galaxy Note 7 shipping has been stopped due to the reported battery problem. This leaves us with Galaxy S8 as their costliest phone for now.

Other S series from Samsung Galaxy costed about 30k to 40k range. Galaxy Note 8 is expected to release this year which will costlier than S8.
Features of Galaxy S8: 8MP Front-Facing Camera Take clearer, sharper, more detailed selfies with Samsung’s best smartphone camera yet.
Fingerprint Scanner
Easily unlock your device using a new fingerprint scanner on the back of the device.
Water & Dust Resistance With an IP68 water resistant rating, the Samsung Galaxy S8 can resist a splash or accidental dunk.
Bixby Bixby Vision - Intelligent Interface with natural…

Python Selenium code to scrape Craiglist

This code will post ads on you behalf. You need to make changes in variables to be modified section.

from __future__ import print_functionfrom selenium import webdriverfrom selenium.common.exceptions import NoSuchElementExceptionfrom selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keysimport time
#Variables to be modifiedemail="Your Email"psswd="You Password"title="Title of the post"location="Atlanta"postal_code= "30303"post_body = "Content Goes Here"
driver = webdriver.Chrome('C:\Python27\chromedriver')driver.get("")
#fill login formtime.sleep(3)element = driver.find_element_by_xpath('//*[@id="inputEmailHandle"]')element.send_keys(email)element = driver.find_element_by_xpath('//*[@id="inputPassword"]')element.send_keys(psswd)element = driver.find_element_by_xpath('/html/body/section/section/div/div[1]/form/div[3]/button')time.sleep(3)element…

Sikuli for Windows 10 install

For installing Sikuli in Windows 10, first you need Java JRE 6 and user Sikuli Version.

Sikuli - Sikuli-X-1.0rc2-win32
Java JRE - jre-6u45-windows-i586

Above two file name is IMPORTANT. I have tried with different combination but failed. So just use the above two binaries in Windows 10.

To download Sikuli: Go to this link and download for you platform. I prefer to use portable version.

To download Java 6: Go to this link

Download JRE not jdk. You need to register to Oracle website in-order to download this.

Hello Kitty theme for Vivo Y51

Download Hello Kitty theme for Vivo Y51. Below is the download link for itz file.

Mega Download Link -!BFsnHbpT!0bu4eIgfbudRtLV4sJlNKmopyPlyYO9BkbqjNRil6xA

Theme Name - hello kitty v2 by Me.itz
Theme Size - 13.3 MB

Below are few screenshots of the theme.