25 January 2015

Moto E - There is insufficient space on the device - Solved


When I try to install app from Play Store in Moto E, I receive error message like 'There is insufficient space on the device' even I have space in my device. Below is the screen shot of error message even when I had enough space.

Show Mobile Has 307 MB free space

This game is 27 MB still throws error


Uninstall all updates in Playstore. To do that go to Settings -- applications -- playstore -- uninstll updates. Then try to install new app and it works perfectly.

Moto E Screen Broken! What Is The Cost? Can I Replace Glass Alone?

My Moto E screen got broken and here is the picture of the phone.

Is it possible to change broken glass alone?

Even I after my display got broken my touch is working fine. So I wondered is it enough to change glass or I should change both glass and display. I consulted nearest mobile service shop and it turns out the touch is fused with glass and you need to buy the both.

What is the cost of Mote E display

I visited service center to get more insight about my screen. Here is what the service guy told, "Moto E will come with glass touch panel & display and it cost Rs.3000".

I also enquired outside shops and the price there ranges from Rs.1600 to Rs.2300.

Ebay has damn cheap priced display

There are several sellers in eBay who sell this display for Rs.650. You can visit mobile service center to replace and it charges Rs. 50 - 200 depending on the shop. In eBay search for 'Moto E digitizer' which is what seller named the display of Moto E.

If you are good with tweaking electronics stuff then you can do it yourself.

24 January 2015

Auto rotate option missing in Moto G after Lollipop update, how to enable?

Moto G Auto Rotate: After you update Moto G to Android Lollipop you may find that there won't be auto-rotate screen in easy settings. In the new version this option is moved to Settings -> Accessibility -> Auto Rotate. Refer the image below if you are not able to recognize it.

23 January 2015

Here Maps download for BlackBerry 10 phone

I was searching for either Google Map or Here Map for long time. My first priority is Google Map, unfortunately I am not able to use any services from Google because Google play service is not supported in BlackBerry.

Now I have only option and it is Here Maps. I used windows phone for a while. Here Maps come pre-installed in that phone. However it does got huge database of places like Google but it is the second best map service available for mobile phone. 

Good news is I found an apk file which runs Here Map in BlackBerry. I got tbe app from below Dropbox link.

I tested it in my BlackBerry Z3 and is working like charm. 

Problems and improvements after updating Moto G official Lollipop update

Moto G has rolled out Lollipop ‎update. You will be receiving Lollipop version 5.0.2.  But still there are users who didn't got the update. You will get the below screen once your phone receive update. 

Post Installation Screen Shots

My Battery Backup Increased

For me Moto G showed good results in battery backup. My battery used to reach 10% after 8 hour usage which is now 11 hour.

Shows Exclamation Mark in Wi-Fi icon

After updating to Lollipop my wi-fi  icon shows exclamation mark. I don't know what it indicates and how to get rid of it. It is slightly annoying. However I was able to connect even while it shows exclamation mark. 

Phone Performance Is Slightly Reduced

Post upgrade to Lollipop OS my phone doesn't performed the same as before. It took few seconds to react whenever I press back or home button. However I found a workaround to improve the peformance.

‎Turn off your phone press and hold power and volume down button together for for 3-4 sec. You will find a screen press volume down to highlight the recovery and press volume up to select it. Now After few sec a dead android logo will appear then press volume up and power button for exactly 5 – 6 secs, a new screen will appear . You will find wipe cache partition over there, press volume down to highlight it and press power button to select it.